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The New Patrons
of Sauen

Photo: Matthias Walendy

The New Patrons of Sauen

Patrons*innen: Conrad Baldamus, Tim Böhning, Silke Gute, Johannes Jaroschinsky, Martin Müller, Monique Müller und Melanie Radzio,

Mediators*innen: Lea Schleiffenbaum,

Artists*innen: Jardins Pompiers (Judith Hopf und Florian Zeyfang),

Cooperation Partners and Sponsors: Federal Cultural Foundation,

Duration: 2021 –

Sauen is a roadside village consisting of 35 houses in the east of Brandenburg. It is located 25 km from Frankfurt/Oder and belongs to the municipality of Rietz-Neuendorf. Today, nearly 100 people live here, many of whom contribute to a very active village life. The inhabitants identify with their village, whose historic village center is well preserved. The fact that a large part of the buildings have remained unchanged through the transformations of the past decades is due to the joint commitment of many. Nevertheless, the mood in the village has changed. People are more self-sufficient than in the past. Spontaneous get-togethers or conversations in between are becoming more rare. Everyone behaves more anonymously, even in the village. What is missing is a place to spontaneously linger.

View of Sauen

Photo: Matthias Walendy


Photo: Matthias Walendy

Spontaneous exchange between neighbors, but also between generations, is becoming more difficult due to our mobile and tightly scheduled lifestyle. So even our village, where everyone knows everyone, is becoming more anonymous. With this in mind, we are looking for new occasions and ways to meet in the village.

This place, or rather these places, is what the New Patrons of Sauen want to work out together with Judith Hopf and Florian Zeyfang. Sauen does not need a community center. There are already enough rooms. They are used by the active people. Often, those who are already involved in various associations or projects meet there. It's not about another property, but about bringing village life back to the streets. To where everyone is.

Meeting of the patrons with mediator Lea Schleiffenbaum

Photo: Matthias Walendy

Photo: Matthias Walendy

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