New Patrons


Brandenburgischer Kunstverein Potsdam

6.7. – 30.9.2018

Ausstellung über das Netzwerk Neue Auftraggeber

Das Protokoll
Curator: Gerrit Gohlke

A "Cultural Revolution" is what the European New Patrons network calls itself with great self-confidence. For some time now, BKV Potsdam has been a part of this project. It wants to make possible for all people what was mostly the privilege of a few privileged people. Everyone should be able to become a client of an important work of art. From the big city to the smallest village, citizen groups should be able to shape their place and their environment. The criterion should not be money or power, but the urgent desire for cultural change. The exhibition shows some selected projects and introduces Potsdam and Brandenburg to the method of the New Patrons.

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