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Neue Bauherrschaften - Öffentliche Architektur im Bürgerauftrag

January 14, 2020, 7 pm

“Architecture is the ordering of social relations through built structures,” maintains the philosopher Christian Posthofen. Architecture is thus a societal battlefield, too: who owns and uses what is built? Who plans it, who needs it—and what for? Behind compulsory purchase orders and rent caps, building groups and funding programs, lies the question of how socially minded these buildings truly are, who benefits from them and who does not, and what relationships architecture creates between people and their environment.

Simon Patterson, La maison forestière, 2011, Ors, France

© Les Nouveaux Commanditaires

And what about public buildings? Who decides the program, the financing, and the design for the construction of new schools and town halls, streets and squares? Who decides how we—publicly—live together? To whom does the city or the village belong? This evening’s discussion aims to present new perspectives and progressive examples of a new public architecture on the citizens’ behalf. In collaboration with the architecture magazine ARCH+, projects and debates from the past and present will show ways in which new stakeholders from all walks of life can make construction in the public sector their focus in order to transform social relations.

Panel discussion with:
Alexander Koch (Director Neue Auftraggeber)
Anh-Linh Ngo (Editor-in-chief ARCH+)
Ilka Ruby (publisher and curator, Ruby Press)
Christoph Schäfer (Planbude)

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