New Patrons



If all patrons involved in the many projects since the earliest initiatives assembled for a group photograph, they would be the most diverse crowd imaginable. From high school students to university professors, from farmers to refugees, anyone can become a New Patron, regardless of whether they were born in Scandinavia or West Africa, regardless of educational background, income level, or national origin.

Thousands of people in Germany, Europe, and beyond have worked to rally community support for their projects, demonstrating that any issue can be worth tackling. It doesn’t matter whether the patrons know much about art or not. What’s more important is the concern they bring to a project and what they hope it will accomplish. Patrons know what’s missing. They have a good grasp of what needs to change. They intuitively understand the issues that need to be brought into the spotlight. Whose voice has been ignored by the public? In which respects are their community and society at large on the right track, and where are they headed in the wrong direction? Questions such as these prompt people to become New Patrons.

Andreas Wünstel

Sharise Simpson

Soraya Scharf

Katharina Pivovarova

Cat Tien Nguyen

Thomas Holkott

Jana Hohensee

Karl Boland

Conrad Baldamus, Tim Böhning, Silke Gute, Johannes Jaroschinsky, Martin Müller, Monique Müller und Melanie Radzio

Schülerinnen und Schüler des SeeCampus

Paul-Gerhard Thiele

Ingo Senftleben

Katrin Eigenfeld, Peter Hübner, Martin Hurtienne, Christian König, Rainer Krowas, Marie-Luise Marlow, Christoph Muster, Martina Woldt

Jana Nowka, Giuliana Giorgi, Sarah Golly, Florian Jankowsky, Lars Larisch, Josef Lewe, Heidi Sradnick

Water Initiative Waldeck-Frankenberg

María Oliver and Antonio Centeno

Amigas Parque do Pasatiempo Association, Casco histórico de la Comarca Municipal de Betanzos Association and Betanzos community

Nursing staff at the paediatric ICU at Nuestra Señora de Candelaria University Hospital

Library staff and users lead by the library director Javier Pérez Iglesias

Louise Albertini and Julien Thomast

Günter Baldysiak, Annette Breuer, Peter Feron, Barbara Fitzek, Sebastian Leppert, Stephanie Mund, Vanessa Odermatt. Michael Röring

Daniel Le Goff, Mayor of Saint-Thélo; Bernard Hulin, Union of the flax road, Francis Blanchard, Sylvianne and Jean-Paul Duault, Céline and Henri Le Denmat, Marie Maubois and residents of Saint-Thélo

Magajin Garin Zazzau (Mayor of the city of Zaria) and representatives of local communities

Lucie von Arnim, Bärbel Bettak, Martina Epperlein, Michael Epperlein, Philipp Forejt, Stefan Hinz, Herbert Krüger, Torsten Loock, Christopher Neumann, Gerlind Neumann, Frauke Ohls, Jürgen Ohls, Christine Rohde, René Thom, Eckbert Warnke

Pupils and teachers of the Stiftisches Humanistisches Gymnasium Mönchengladbach

Team and visitors of the Arbeitslosenzentrum Mönchengladbach

Anthropologists, educators and young people from different countries

Residents of Marl: Hannelore Apitzsch, Werner Eisbrenner, Monika Kaczerowski, Kurt Langer, Heidi Pfeifer, Irene Rasch-Erb, Rolf Schumann (†), Brigitte Schumann-Knauff, Dr. Ulrich Spies, Karin Wagner and Paul Wagner

A group of Wietstock residents: Nana Abel, Jürgen Bigalke, Rosemarie Bigalke, Petra Bunke, Sascha Dorp, Ursula Dorp, Stefanie Kaul, Martin Müller-Butz, Tina Netzband, Gudrun Peschel, Bernd Rohleder, Heinz Schünemann

Inhabitants of Steinhöfel: Steffen Adam, Regina Funke, Jane Gersdorf, Annegret Huth, Mela Meierhans, Kerstin Neitsch, Beatrix Oppermann, Hannegret Richter

Inhabitants of Beeskow: Matthea Ast-Lehmann, Barbara Buhrke, Anni Geissler, Kristina Geissler, Jeannette Gruner, Sarah Ihlefeld, Stefan Kamenz, Tom Klaar, Claudia Laue, Helene Radam, Steffen Schulze und Dieter Siegesmund

Residents of the Brandenburgisches Viertel, Eberswalde: Margot Bartz, Manuela Berger, Saskia Berger, Stefanie Bugdahn, Dennis Jaekel, Kathrin Otto, Jörg Renell, Werner Voigt, Tabea Westphal

Stiftung für die Rechte zukünftiger Generationen, Nastasja Pilz (Project assistent), Boris Kühn (CEO)

4pi Systeme – Gesellschaft für Astronomie und Informationstechnologie

Teachers of the IGS Erwin Fischer

Teachers of the Hannah-Arendt-Gymnasium in Potsdam

Professors and the principal of the Jean Jaurès de la Ciotat college

Annemie Aerts, Paul Broekx, Toon Broekx, Raf Drieskens, Jacqueline Janssens, Werner Mentens, Willy Pardon, Herman Van Veldhoven, Ilse Witters

Wurzener Bündnis für Demokratie gegen Neonazismus

Thomas Hollkott

Karl Sasserath

Sartep Namiq

Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, mathematician and head of IHES, Max Leguem, initiator of the "mathematicians in short trousers" project, the pupils of the Parc du Château primary school, Chilly-Mazarin.

The Association du Pays des 7 Vallées (Association of the 7 Valleys District)

A group of patrons composed of members of various associations in Liévin (Hauts-de-France)

Bifolone villagers

Hans Küpper, Managing Director of SAZ Stahl, Dortmund

Association for the safeguarding of Cantal burons

The Amicale des Raphaélois and the Liberté primary school

Local Healthcare Centre of Brugse Poort, Ghent

A group of leaders, teachers and parents of the college, in cooperation with the services of the Territoire de Belfort department

Residents of Excideuil

A group astrophysicists of the "Astroparticle and Cosmology Laboratory" of the University Paris Diderot (Stavros Katsanevas, Pierre Binétruy, Vincent Berger and Jean-Luc Robert)

vzw Graffiti Jeugddienst, vzw De Papegay, the urban redevelopment services department and neighboring residents

Jos Herck, Esther Meuwis, Hedwig Orij, Renaat Roekaers and David Orye

Residents and users of Place François Moisson including members of the teaching staff and school staff

Bonnat Museum

La Maison des Femmes de Pau

A group of residents in the area of Cuneo (South West Piedmont): Francesca Barbero, Franco Biagioni, Claudia Carli, Marisa Cavallera, Lidia and Paola Marti, Roberto Migliore, Pier Domenico Rosso

Alain Breuil, President of the Laon Festival (classical music)

Gwénaëlle André, social worker of the EPI association

Members of Arbre et Engivane associations, and the Vercors Regional Nature Park

Rives & Cultures Association

Representatives of the municipality of Beaumont and members of the association 'Idées pour Beaumont'

Nicolas Druart, ex-technical director

The Port of Brussels represented by Madame Origer

The CERISE team and members of the Montorgueil street association

Members of the MIR association (Mené Initiatives Rurales): Maryse Templier, President of MIR, Armand Le Ray and Pascal Renault, vice-presidents of MIR as well as Françoise Aignel, Laurence Aignel, Marie-Paule Aignel, Thérèse Baudet, Sophie Galisson, Vincent Rigoleur, Gaël Poirier and Josette Vivier, employees of the MIR

Voie et Dialogue Association

Students, teachers and the director of the School of Visual CommunicationDr Florence Skinazi, gastroenterologist

Jean Piolot, mayor of Plougonver, as well as residents of the city, members of the municipal council and the association Art et Culture

Members of the Administrative Council of the Friends of the house for the memory of Royans

Senior lecturers, an administrator and students of the Helsinki Business Campus (HBC)

Members of the Women's Culture Association "Die Beginen e.V."

Léon-Paul Bouvet, President of the Association APEX (Association for a cultural excellence center)

Patrick Blot, director of the EPI association "Entreprise Pour l'Insertion"

Residents and members of Salives Village Council

Valérie Bouge and Olivier Henriot, teachers at the school of the Parc du Château in Chilly-Mazarin

Society for Astronomy and Information Technology

Fatimah Boutih, secretary

Yves Dauge, Senator of Chinon, Jean-Pierre Duvergne, Mayor of Chinon, Marie-Michèle Esnard, Deputy Mayor for Culture and Heritage of the City of Chinon

City of Salon de Provence, Socio-Cultural Association Nejma, CIQ of Canourgues, Social Center of Canourgues, residents of Canourgues neighborhood

Naumburger Civic Association, Bärbel Cronau-Kretzschmar, Architect

Syndicat mixte du canal de Roubaix

Members of the Municipal Council of Cluny (Mayor: Robert Rolland, Cultural Officer: Pierre-François Bourcet) and users of the Maison de la Danse

Inhabitants of Aalbeke

Cransac Municipal Council (Aveyron/Bassin de Decazeville)

Letschiner citizens, u.a. Michael Böttcher (mayor of Letschin municipality), Kersin Dickhoff, Detlef Mallwitz (artist), Kerstin Niebsch (Kultur Mol GmbH Seelow)

Henri de Benoist, President of the Association of the Vauclair abbey

the pupils of the Parc du Château primary school, Chilly-Mazarin

A group of young residents from the area and participants in the workshop, Mr Jacques Miriel, director of the IUT of Rennes, Mr Philippe Dorval, visual arts teacher and director of the Department Social Careers, Ms Marie-Aude Lefeuvre, head of the cultural department of the University of Rennes 1, students of the Social Careers department, Grain de sel, Student Association of the Social Careers Department

Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, director of the IHÉS

Raymond Poincaré Hospital

Alain Geerinck, painter

Staff and patients of the IGR Imaging Service

Compost masters of the municipality of Willebroek

Members of the Municipal Council of Chatillon s/Seine

The municipality of La Garde-Freinet, the National Office of Forests, the Directorate of Forestry Engineering at the General Council of Var, Gardanne Institute for Forest Ecomuseum, and Miremer association

Association Villa Noailles - FIAMH

Staff members of the Maison d'Accueil Specialized Novels: Magali Beaumont (occupational therapist), Sébastien Jauneau (medical-psychological aid), Claudie Leroux (ME), Janique Métayer (medical-psychological aid), Florence Perrot-Gourcy (chief) Frédéric Poignant (director), Martine Tharreau (nurse), Sandra Weiss (facilitator)

Elise Roll, primary school teacher

Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations

Institut Régional des Sourds et Aveugles de Marseille (IRSAM)

Max Leguem, initiator of the "mathematicians in short trousers" project, currently running the Torcy MJC (Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture youth club and arts centre)

Residents of Westkapelle

Max Leguem, development director at the federation of the MJC in Ile-de-France

Wurzen Alliance for Democracy against Neo-Nazis Systems

Dr Chafika Khiter, endocrinologist

The Friends of l'Eldo

The president, Jean-Philippe Lecat, and members of the association "For the Memory of Philippe Pot"

A group of teachers and staff of the IUFM Dijon

Sigrid Monnier, Director of the regional association Hlm Poitou-Charentes

Members of the Marseille Centre council, Federation of downtown businesses in Marseilles

People closely tied to the school community

Bobane Ristovski, director of the primary school of Le Martinet in Offemont

Séverine Bastien, Mélinda Damiens, Laure Dehul, Eric Desaunois, Jérôme Levis, Tim and Patricia Hainsworth

Jean Piolot, then mayor of Plougonver, inhabitants of the commune, members of the municipal council and of the association Art et Culture

The Association of the communities along the RN6, Sivom of Arnay-le-Duc and the Syndicat de pays Auxois-Morvan, Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, mathematician and head of IHES

SPL Euralille

Polish immigrants in Stavanger

Prison guards and members of the personnel of Villeneuve-lès-Magelone prison

Isabelle De Castro, hygiene department

Actes Association

Residents of the area around the Royal Bridge (Pont Royal) and the municipal council of Clamerey

Association "The Friends of the Priory of Saint-Jean-du-Grais"Yves Dauge, Senator of Chinon, Jean-Pierre Duvergne, Mayor of Chinon Marie-Michèle Esnard, retired and former Deputy Mayor of Culture and Heritage of the City of Chinon joined in 2008, by the new assistant to the Culture, Micheline Dubruel

Group of traders from Amerval Street and Gustav Simon Street

Association Signe Lauris and residents

Current and former mayors parents, members of the schoolboard and the circle of friends

Djekodjim Abderamane Dillah, director of the Rene Goscinny Middle School in Valdoie

Residents of Pritzwalk

Jacqueline Mielle and Jean-Rémi Durand-Gasselin, Deputy Mayors

Customers and residents of the Aristide Briand avenue, Members of the municipal council of Chandolas commune, Mr Jean-Patrick Bahain (director of the Chantemoulin association), Ms Elisabeth Maupoint (department head of the Chantemoulin home), Ms Sylvie Causera (specialized educator), Ms Marie-Françoise Mancel (specialized educator) and the other educators and young residents of the home

Residents and council members of Blessey

Rogaland Kunstsenter

Lawyers from Montpellier Bar

Sandra Nulbati, pediatric lecturer

Commune of Moussey, former employees of Bata factory and of La Chaussure Bataville association

A group of traders and residents of the Place du Grand Marché

Yachting club de la Pointe Rouge

Sylvie Régnier, Director of the regional association Hlm Aquitaine

Dominique David, gardener, The Association of the 7 Valleys District

Ms Jocelyne Bouhier, Director of 'la Maison départementale de Retraite de Villecante', Dr Vincent Menu, coordinating doctor, Ms Maryse Chatelain, health executive, Mr Antoine Durant des Aulnois, President of the l Association des Amis de Villecante

Assad Mokhenache, director of the Culture, Leisure, and Education Association of Offemont

Members of the Maison des Compagnons du Devoir in Marseille

Members of the Beaumont Municipal Council: Pascal Waldschmidt, Mayor of Beaumont

Associative leaders

Odile Werner

The ANPAA, national association of alcoholism and addiction prevention

Psychologists of the parent-children association

Dr Nora Mahfouzi, pediatrician

Association R32, Réseau Paul Bert

The Municipality of Montalto Dora with representatives of the City Library, the Friends of the Library Association, the Volunteer Tourist Guides Association and teachers of the Primary School

House of Youth and Culture, La Souterraine Social Center

Jean-Michel Verneiges, Director of the ADAMA (Association for the development of musical activities in the Aisne region)

The Association of Families, tutors and friends of the Disabled of Touraine and more specifically: Mr Boconnet, Ms and Mr Brault, Ms and Mr Bruneau, Ms and Mr Chelle, Ms and Mr Gaborit, Ms and Mr Hergaut, Ms and Mr Mordret, Ms and Mr Regnier and Mr Sempé

GUY HF / Bourbon Lancy and Fondation de France

Veterans assocation: Gilbert Houmaire (president), Michel Steinmetz, Michel Schroll, Rene Thiebaut, Rene Grillon

Georges Tortel, Locksmith

Emmanuel Duchamp, director of works

Pierre Dumel, baker

Members of the St. Fiacre brothership, of the Société centrale d'horticulture de Nancy, of the Friends of the Conservatoire et Jardin botanique de Nancy, des Parcs et Jardins de Lorraine, named the Stanislas Gardeners

Petit-Saint Bernard Association

Members of the Aviso association, which looks after prison visitors

Idriss Farota-Romejko, IDE EMSP

Parents committee Brugschool Mariakerke

Students living in the A'DOCKS residence and the director of CLOUS (Centre local des Suvres universitaires et scolaires)

Olympic Games Team

Jean-Luc Martin, President of the local fund of the Crédit Agricole Nord Est Laon urbain

Frédéric Puichaud, gardener

Mr Faure, Mayor of Saint-Gervais, members of the association SPIA (Preservation of the industrial heritage of the past) and Vercors Regional Natural Park

Flemish Community Commission

Philippe Domege, Provost

Samir Chakhchoukh, senior hospital technician

Members of the Côté Briand shopkeepers association

Group of l'Est Républicain Journalists The Friends of the Maison des Enfants de l Assistance Publique et des Nourrices du Morvan, members of the association of the communites of Grands Lacs du Morvan and Parc naturel régional du Morvan

In extenso, press magazine

Association Zone Inondable

Malika Faucher, trade union

Bernard Hulin, Union of the flax road, Francis Blanchard, Sylvianne and Jean-Paul Duault, Céline and Henri Le Denmat, Marie Maubois and residents of Saint-Thélo

Residents of Vlimmeren

La Cabucelle Private Professional High School

Michel Gédéon, President of the cultural association Acropole

Sylvain Porteu, gardener

Commune of Bourg-Argental, represented by the Mayor, Stéphane Heyraud and aldermen

The Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation

Gérard Mahé, regional delegate

Catherine Vauconsant, ex-medical affairs director with the active and indispensable support of Yolande Di Natale, general director

Jacques Daniel, Mayor of Saint-Benoît-des-Ondes, accompanied by elected officials and residents of the municipality

The retirement home of Saint-Simoniens

Association History and Lives of the Xth arrondissement

Professors and the principal of the Jean Jaurès de la Ciotat collegeProfessor Michel Durigon and Dr François Paraire

Anissa Taleb, director of communication, clientele, and quality

Pont-et-Massène Municipal Council (Patrick Roux étant Maire et Jean-Luc Michel, Adjoint) Daniel Le Goff, Mayor of Saint-Thélo

Jean-Jacques Romatet, director of Nice University Hospital, number of administrative and nursing staff of L'Archet hospital of Nice

The director of the establishment, the midwife head of the maternity ward, the head of the birth info point, and members of the nursing and administrative staff

Bernard Dekeyzer, President of the departemental federation « Les orgues de l Aisne » (organs of Aisne)

Claire Hélies, construction site manager of the Breil gardens

Town Council of Garde-Freinet

Jean Jaurès hospital, Paris

Alain Gueniot, provincial

Omar Hlakache, gardener

L association de la Cause Freudienne Calandreta Còsta Pavada Association (Toulouse)

House of Forest and Tourism and City Council of Leuglay

Psychiatrists Association of Nancy

The staff of the Autism, Infantile Psychosis (API) Operational Unit of the Barthélemy Durand Public Health Establishment at Etampes

Dr Isabelle Marin, EMSP doctor

Vitteaux municipal Council (Côte d'Or)l ONG « Un Techo para Chile » (, Société Le Foyer Saint-Gillois

Alain Derbier, Mireille Gepponi, Catherine Flament, Jeanne Charve, Josette Derbier

Brugsepoort Library

Initiative Committee in memory of Pierre Vaux and Jean-Baptiste Petit (Longepierre), Residents of Excideuil Yvon Le Bianic, mayor of Runan

The Friends of the Rivau Castle Association

Mr Begat, President of l'Association du Souvenir de la Charcuterie Française

Michèle Dard, in charge of cultural affairs

Pigeon racing association of Beauvois-en-Cambrésis

Residents of the village Bure-les-Templiers

Group of Bayonnais residents

A group of employees at Habitat Sud Atlantic, Bayonne

A group of residents of Orthez

Physical education instructors, University of Bourgogne

Residents of the neighborhood, members of the District of Hommelet, Sylvie Thilloy Committee Chair, Bruno Lestienne, director, office of "permanent-resident"

Residents of the Saint-Peter neighborhood: Inge Brys, Mon Camelbeke, Gilbert Degryse, Tom Deloose, José Deschildre, Jo De Sutter, Kristof Jonckheere, Jef Peeters, Fien Vandenberghe & Els Verlinden

Culture and Pilgrim Association e.V., Kleinliebenau

The residents of the Belencontre neighborhood Tourcoing and members of the community center: Marie-Claire Avet, Monique Belala, Henri Bonnet, Annick Bonnet, Yannick Delanoy, Brigitte Delcluze, Sylviane Laurtiouz, Vivane Lalau, Denise Noppe

CDPNE (Departmental Committee for the Protection of Nature and the Environment), madame Lemaire, mayor of Marolles and the mayor of Averdon

City Council of Anderlecht, Brussels

Students from the Chevreul Blancarde private school, a group of teachers, the librarian and the director of the school

Gersende Petoux, secretary

Jacqueline Bideau, deputy mayor

Paoli-Calmettes Institute

Mr Cottenceau

Renaud Bertrand, deputy director of CHRU

Members of the natural geological reserve of Haute Provence

Mr Jean-François Aublan, former Director of the Leisure Center

Members of the Grande-Rivière Municipal Council

Bure-les-Templiers municipal council

Tourism Office and the association of the communities of Pays Commercy

A group of students from the Fine arts department of Lille 3 and ESAN (College of Arts of Nord-Pas-de-Calais)

Travesías Board Members: Fatima Rojas, President, Chantal Bideau, Director - Independent Commissioner as well as associated people: Marie Léonie, member of the association, Angola Congo Bretagne - is part of the Congo Women's Call Collective

The palliative care unit of the Hospital Group Diaconesses Croix Saint-Simon

The Courtyard Project in the City of Turin Urban 2 Community Initiative Programme, with a group of women living in the council housing complex of Via Scarsellini

The municipal council of Grancey-le-Château

The mayor and the members of the local council of Vitteaux

Library of Zwijnaarde

Marie-Christine Gayot, english teacher

Pierrette Boucher, deputy mayor

Regional Center for Cancer Control and Research represented by its director, Catholic chaplain, training officer and nurses

Mr Vigneau, affiliated to the Confédération nationale de la Charcuterie

Directors of Camargue bullfighting arenas in association with the Fédération Française de la Course Camarguaise (French Federation of Camargue bullfighting)

Students of the Ghent University

A group of teenagers of Chaucenne

Mr Jean-Louis Orazio, French Association of Clubs Omnisports

The Saint-Antoine hospital, Paris, including: doctors, executives, nurses, nursing assistants, administrative staff and a representative of users

Nancy Brabois University Hospital Center, medical reanimation service

A group of students from the École Centrale Paris

Jeugdfanfare the Muziekmak (k) ers

Anne, Sociologist, member of the research and intervention group

Sandra Mévrel and Dominique Chabanne, instrumentalists of the orchestra OVNI Tender

Elected representatives of the former associaton of the communities of the Boutières, François Champelovier, Régine Brunel, Hubert-Marie Piteux, Roger Dugas and Regional Nature Park of Monts d Ardèche

Mr Spriet, founder and vice-president of the Friends of the Museums foundation and a community of blind people

Luc Debucquoy, Geert Delaere, Thomas Delbeke, Joost Demuynck, Chris Dewulf, Luc Doutrebon, Dean Kenes, Luc Lannoy, Dirk Obin, Kris Vandenberghe, Pierre Vander Stichele, Lobke Maes, Sanne Loncke

Founding members of the association PASTE (alumni of the master degree "Sciences et Techniques de l'exposition" Paris 1 - Panthéon Sorbonne University)

A group of employees of the company Daum

Marc Debray, philosophy teacher

Pierre Le Touset, deputy mayor and municipal employees, 2 psychiatrists and 2 nurses from the psychiatric department of Valvert Hospital

Alcoholologists and members of ACERMA (Association for Communication, Space and Rehabilitation of Alcoholic Patients)

Father Beneteau, Superior General of the Oratory of Jesus

Red Star Football Club

Library and Police Station Nieuw Gent

Residents including children and the local council of Essarois

Mr Yannis Donzeau

A group of students of the Ettore Majorana Scientific High School and the Renato Cottini Artistic High School (Chiara Campagnaro, Pietro Fornara, Silvia Gremo, Paola Sofi, Enrico Aleotti, Silvia Andretto, Rosario Catalano) within the framework of the Urban 2 Community Initiative Programme of the City of Turin

The Arc-en-Ciel Children's House staff members

Jean Schmid

Residence personnel (Marie-Pierre Fesquet, Nelly Bouillot, Fabienne Capitain, Christine Pin, Didier Renon, Christine Bouillot, Catherine Bruneau), with director Blandine Cressier

Catherine, editor and member of the Travesías association

Jean Piolot, Mayor of Plougonver, residents of the town, members of the Municipal Council and the "Art and Culture" association

The partnership group for the preservation and valorisation of the heritage in cob, the players of skittles of Montreuil-sur-Mer

Residents: Adeline Louis, Jérémy Degueldre, Jonathan Desachy, Alix Philippe and Céline Pruvot

Monique Catroux, project manager at the physical resources department

Laboratory of virology, University of Dijon

The students of Lycée Trégey with their teachers Isabelle Eckert and Dominique Massabuau

Jean Michel Dansette, economics teacher

Associations of the Déliot neighbourhood, students and professeurs of Lille university

Eric Perrin, historian and member of the Iguerande association and the Pilat Regional Nature Park

Association 'Création d’un lieu multi-accueil à la Friche Belle de Mai'

De Kaai center

Association 'Fontein der vreugde' (Fountain of Joy) Ghent

Mr Eric Desveaux

L association du quartier du bout des ponts et entreponts, represented by Guy Verzat, president

Laurent Donadille, director of the hospital community of Saint-Malo territory - Dinan - Cancale

Members of PRO-Östermalm, local department of Sweden's largest national pension organization

Nathalie Guinard, coordinating doctor

Masonic Lodge "Sincérité, Parfaite Union et Constante Amitié Réunies"

A group of curators of the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dijon

Residents of Pierre De Geyter neighborhood, NPO Wijk in de Kijker

The network of open farms in Périgord

Colette Goujon, social worker

Françoise Ciolczyk, in charge of modernisation

Georges Trouillot Committee Association

Arteveldehogeschool (High School Artevelde)

Philippe Gayot, SVT teacher

Staff and users of MuCEM

Association La boutique de Jeanne Antide

Town of Excideuil

A group of professors from Notre Dame de la Major College

Association Jardin de la Colline (Garden of the Hill Association) - the association brings together more than fifteen families from the "Rue des Tartares" and "Montée des Amoureux" (100 people)

Mr Jean-Jacques Olivier

The Amboise wine syndicate, represented by Aurélie Mançois, president of the Touraine-Amboise wine association

Lexia Bizeul, coordinating nurse, in charge of the samples

A group of teachers from the Primary and Nursery Schools of the Franca Mazzarello Schools Complex, and from the Alvaro-Modigliani Middle School: Adriana Botta, Maria Angela Bucci, Loredana Dorta, Maria Vittoria Frigero, Paola Merlo, and Anna Laura Pasotto

Gérard Burel, President of the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service of Orne, Lieutenant-Colonel Olivier Pincemaille, and Lieutenant-Colonel Noël Stock

Residents and social workers from the Haut du Lièvre district (with the help of the Arrimage {Stowage} Association)

Pierre Marsaa, Marie-Céline Chevassu

Representatives of the Library: Catherine Valais, assistant director

Jean-Pierre Bennechet & Marie-Thérèse Montalto, of the France 3 Bourgogne Franche-Comté television company

Residents, users of Fontbarlettes, Le MAT, Patrice Bergogne, director of the house

Eric Couturier, director of hospitality

A group of residents of the town of Bobigny

Residents, traders and professionals of Calais city center

Marie Grimenez, literature teacher

Valérie George, coordinator

Réseau Ferré de France (regional management of Burgundy and Franche-Comté)

Culture Service of the City of Ghent

Inhabitants of the neighborhood

Gaillac CMPEA Team: Karine Beziat, Éric Bousquet, Daniel Delbes, Sylvie Faure, Marie-Claude Garros, Sophie Mahenc, Fabienne Maviel, Marie-Josée Medale, Maria Puech-Maurel, Laurence Quercy, Pauline Ricard, Catherine Scarpulla, Sabine Vialettes, Vassiliki Xenoyanni

Mr Jean-Pierre Debest

Amboise Town Hall, represented by Christian Guyon, Mayor of Amboise Sol Si Association, Marseille

Catherine Prémel-Cabic, then Deputy Director, in charge of the project

Association of the communities of the Pays d Alésia et de la Seine

Fondation de France, City of Baigneux-les-Juifs, Côte d'Or General Council, Burgundy Regional Council, State, Program Leader II

City Council of Genk

Local Action Group

Eva Arfwedson, external communication manager

Residents of Delacroix street

Vespa Club Dijon

Sabine Defoort, doctor

The Headmaster, a professor of visual arts, a professor of mathematics, a professor of economics and social sciences, a professor of history and geography of Lycée Descartes, an assistant educator, a librarian, a boarding school headmaster, the Deputy Mayor of Tours, responsible for early childhood, and a group of students

Les petits frères des pauvres (The Little Brothers of the Poor)

Frédéric Sicard, art teacher

Nadine Leroy, administrative secretary

Clinique Sainte-Elisabeth

Fraternal Union of Metalurgists

Members of the Hommelet District Committee

Residents and members of the municipal council of Recy sur Ource

Mr Jean Cottinet

Claire Calogirou and Marc Touché, sociologists at the CNRS - Center for French Ethnology, National Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions, the Formula Prod association, the 132 KRU, the Sugar magazine, Sébastien Charlot and Benjamin Debert, Rémy N'Guyen, Cédric Viollet, François Ledieu and Matthieu Verdeil

Paul Brousse University Hospital

The residents of Soubise and the users of the neighborhood house

Françoise Sinoir (visual artist), Pierre Follet (farmer and engineer), owners of the farm and founders of the Inondable zone association (created to develop the concept of artistic farm)

Morgane Leral, department assistant and students of the collective project: Affeif Chlaika, Master Public Affairs

Municipal council of the commune of Vanvey and its mayor

United Houma Nation

Sophie Guilbert, in charge of client relations

Membrers of the Pierre Larousse chaired by Ms Michèle Guilpain-Giraud

Kasterlinden school staff

Niels Valkenborgh, Eric Vanmechelen, Stijn Lauwers, Albert Smeets, Mariëlla Schoemans & Ortwin Geebelen

Karima Benhaddouche, facilitator

Valentin Haüy Association

Conseil municipal du Liernais (mayor: Geneviève Brochot)

Sylvie Thilloy, Chair of the committee

Charles Fourier Association

APICEMH association of the hospital of Brive la Gaillarde

Staff of the Maret university restaurant

Stilteplatform Bornem

Radouane Nidam, a trader and resident of Sanitas associations

Quickborner Team

Residents of Grancey-le-Château village

Aitziber Martorell, Master European Affairs

The funeral director and social assistants, residents of Borgloon

Second year students, the director, and the information and communication officers of Montpellier School of Architecture

The MrS Team

Bruno Lazzari, technical director

People living or working at the Félix Pyat, Guichard et Gaillard streets, representatives of the political GIP of the city and of the SOLEAM, the director of Félix Pyat elementary school and the director of the Maison pour tous of Saint-Mauront

Town of Nichelino (Councillor s Office for Youth and Councillor s Office for Culture) with a group of young residents of the Castello district

Students from the Lycée Pasteur secondary school and Students from "Première L2"

Hayat Chouya, host

Shopkeepers and residents of Veemarkt

Members of conseil municipal de Laignes

Bruno Lestienne, Director

Commune of Pailherols

Members of the Seamen's Club and managers of the Bayonne and Anglet media centers

The patients committee represented by Reine Levy, Françoise Laugraud, Jean François Cossé, Laurette Launay and Béatrice Le Gallet

Association Arpia: Christel Stalpaert, Chris De Smedt, Ellen De Waele & Eugeen Liebaut

Friends of the Maison des Enfants de l Assistance Publique et des Nourrices du Morvan, members of the Communauté de communes des Grands Lacs du Morvan et du Parc naturel régional du Morvan

Association of patrons of the Arts Platform (employees of the Arsenal)

Group of partners from Pont de Rousty

Brice Zanette, Master European Affairs

The "Maison de la forêt et du tourisme" association (House of Forest and Tourism), and the Leuglay City Council

Dominique Moreau, President of FRANCE ADOT 35 and with the help of Armelle Boulvard, coordinator for the Biomedicine Agency of Rennes

The owner of the Café de la Nation

Mireille Tirlemont, health executive

Municipality of Oisilly

The Space Observatory of the National Center for Space Studies (ECNES)

The mayor and citizen representatives

Bernard Bartolini, Mayor of Prads-Haute-Bléone & the members of the municipal council

Elected officials and residents of the former association of the communities of Eyrieux-aux-Serres and the Monts d'Ardèche Regional Nature Park

Toulouse CHU Team

Regional Olympic Sports Committee

Côte d Or Diocesan Association Pierre Fourney, Hélène Roy and Marie-Josèphe Durnet-Archeray

Arcade Association

Municipal Council of Marato, ARTCO association

House of Gesture and Image (Maison du Geste et de l'Image, MGI)

Mayor and residents of Peynier

Members of Thil's Butte community, and members of the Media Library Community

Marc Tallendier, headmaster

The municipal Library and "Les Aînés de Peynier" Seniors' Home

Jacques Miriel, train director of Rennes' IUT

Quentin Cauchard

Andrea García Crespo, architect and member of Babel arquitectural studio

Christophe Walle

Christine Sammer, chief of the Social Careers department of Rennes' IUT

Stéphanie Juin

Aloña Intxaurrandieta, worker at CIHMA in Barakaldo

Maud Corbe

Philippe Dorval, teacher of visual arts and director of the Social Careers department of Rennes' IUT

Clément Louis

Mikel Martinez, member of the Basque Association of Industrial Heritage and Public Works

Célia Duquenoy

Marie-Aude Lefeuvre, responsible for the cultural service of the University of Rennes 1

Caroline Ly Boualong

Ismael Manterola

Marine Josset

Mathilde Beguet

Anaïs Maffart

Ibai Etxezarraga and Beñat Guarrotxena (Tximini Kolektiboa)

Marine Le Cars

Margo le Du

Angélique Mauge

Eddy & Martine Van Uytsel, Herman Degelin, Caroline Knops, Natalie Van Gorp, Elke Patteet, Karo Melis, Kristof Buekers, Isabel Willems & Jan Laurys

Charlotte Le Foll

Florent Guérif

Laura Neumann

Guy Cathelineau, president of the University of Rennes

Parents of the Pougues-les-Eaux nursery pupils

Anne-Claire Le Mignon

Danielle Poper, director of the IUT Tours

Laurette Prévot

Joel Thomas, president of Rennes' IUT

Staff members of the Bourbonnais Agricultural High School

Pauline Migraine

Anne Taillandier-Schmitt, Head of the Social Careers department

Charline Raze

Gilles Le Certen, director of Rennes' IUT

The Courtyard Project of the City of Turin

Lauriane Guivarc

Saskia Cousin, anthropologist, teacher in the Social Careers department and twenty-five students from the second year of the Social Careers department of the IUT Tours

Anne Seveno-Barreau

Jean-Pierre Georgelin, president of Rennes' IUT

Urban 2 Community Initiative Programme, with a group of children and teenagers living in the council housing complex of Via Poma

Students of the Social Careers department of Rennes' IUT

CCI Boulogne-sur-Mer, the port management and its users

Sophie Timon

No projects details available