The New Patrons of Berlin

Patrons: Anthropologists, educators and young people from different countries

Commission: We want a new way of learning to share knowledge about the important issues of life.

Duration: 2016 – 2019

Mediator: Alexander Koch

Artist: Nika Dubrovsky

Partners: Fondation de France, Potsdam Institut for Climate Impact Research, European Janusz Korczak Academy, KARUNA Berlin, House of World Cultures Berlin, Agora Publishing Moscow, Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk, Kultur macht stark, Bündnisse für Bildung, National Library of Iceland, ACUD MACHT NEU Berlin, Equal Education South Africa, WHW curatorial collective Zagreb, ERSTE Foundation, The Showroom London

Anthropology for Kids (A4K)

ANTHROPOLOGY FOR KIDS (A4K) is an open learning platform providing alternative education contents in which participants work with "cursed questions" as Fedor Dostoevsky called them. These are questions about issues that are important for all cultures and historical times, questions that unite us and on which each one of us find his or her answers: What is justice, labor, technology, wealth, climate change or the future school?

A4Kids, under the artistic direction of Nika Dubrovsky, is designed to encourage exchange processes describing essential aspects of human life in simple terms within an international network of laboratories and cooperation partners.
A4Kids involves experienced experts such as scientists, artists, curators and other practitioners making their knowledge accessible to all people – children, their families and anybody else – from all backgrounds and regions.

Detailed information on project website