The idea

For a long time, only a privileged few could commission a work of art. New Patrons is an innovative model for citizen-commissioned art that allows anyone to do so. It turns people who want to make a difference into New Patrons. They commission artists to create art projects that respond to urgent issues.


Our success

Whether in villages or urban neighborhoods, artworks by New Patrons are based on local issues, conflicts, or desires for the future. They create new and collective images, stories and networks. Since 2007, the New Patrons model in Germany has been following the French example and implementing civic commissions.


How we work

We help communities and institutions to make citizen-commissioned art accessible to more people. We implement our own programs with strong partners. We train and ensure the quality of our mediation. And we participate in public dialogue for more civic participation and empowerment.


New Patrons: Teachers, Window Manufacturers, Parents, Villagers, Early Retirees, Interpreters, Hunters, Gourmets, Craftsmen, Teenagers, Agricultural Engineers, Secretaries, Civil Rights Activists, Astrophysicists, You, Me