The New Patrons of Stuttgart

Patrons: Stiftung für die Rechte zukünftiger Generationen: Boris Kühn (CEO), Nastasja Pilz (project assistant)

Mediator: Axel John Wieder

Artist: Tue Greenfort

Duration: 2010–2012, suspended

Partners: Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, Fondation de France


The foundation for the Rights of Future Generations, a nonprofit think tank at the interfaces of science, politics and economics, wishes to commission an artwork that embodies the foundation’s philosophy. One of the foundation’s fields of activity concerns the politicians’ responsibility for our future, in particular with regards to climate change and energy politics. Tue Greenfort was asked to tackle the foundation’s concerns: How can our notion of “the future” be transformed into something tangible, something we feel responsible for? What are the potential criteria to assess (political) actions under ethical aspects and with view to the needs of generations to come? In order for the work to be seen by as many people – and politicians – as possible, the patrons aspired for a public site, ideally within proximity of the state parliament. Greenfort proposed two very different approaches: one in the guise of an ongoing, annual dialogue between the different generations, one in the guise of a didactic concept for the near-by park, communicating its natural and ecological processes. The proposals were debated in 2012, but also due to changes within the foundation’s staff, the project was suspended.

Tue Greenfort, born 1973 in Holbæk, Denmark, lives and works in Denmark and Berlin. His main artistic concerns are ecological issues, mostly with regards to the resources of water and oil. Many of his works take a critical stance towards the environmental destruction caused by capitalist economies. His installations are meant as both witty and subtle proposals for action.