Michael Annoff


"For decades, Germany has failed to recognize that it is an immigration society. One of the focal points of my work as a curator and mediator is working with post-migrant communities, which are still underrepresented and disadvantaged in art and culture today. It is important to me to show how important their ideas and impulses are for social cohesion."

Michael Annoff works as a curator, artist, mediator and ethnographer. After studying cultural studies, he worked at the Art Graduate School of the Berlin University of the Arts and at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences. He teaches at various universities and develops freelance art projects, such as Kein schöner Archiv, in which he documents the immaterial heritage of post-migrant society together with Nuray Demir. Since 2024, the two have been publishing the performative publication www.thewordsoftheartyclass.com together.