New Patrons


Who are the New Patrons?

New Patrons: pilots, astrophysicists, teenagers, nuns, doctors, restaurateurs, bankers, teachers, trade unionists, gardeners, cooks, architects, social workers, farmers, professors, fishermen and -women, psychiatrists, you, I

More than 500 Projects in 15 countries

Since 1992, the New Patrons have assisted the completion of over 500 projects: works of art and architecture, films, music, literature, Internet projects, and theater productions. More than 300 of these were produced in France, where the New Patrons have become a permanent fixture in the artistic and wider community, particularly in the country’s economically underdeveloped regions. Thousands of partners – independent mediators, funding bodies, and initiatives that share a common goal – have helped make this work possible. The New Patrons do not represent an institution but a new technique of artistic production.