Eva Clara Tenzler


“Why is a work of art necessary for the community? According to the New Patrons protocol, framing the answer to this as a shared concern means taking civic 'responsibility for commissioning an artist to create a work of art.' As a mediator, it is important for me to open a space of discourse in which the different voices of a commissioning group and the artist can be heard and gradually come together as a sonic play.” 

Eva Clara Tenzler works as a process facilitator, consultant and author for civil society initiatives, artists* and transformation in organizations, with a focus on regional and urban development processes. For more than ten years she was responsible for project coordination, consulting and public relations in cultural and educational institutions in Hesse and Lower Saxony. Studied philosophy-arts-media in Hildesheim and cultural education at schools in Marburg. Currently in training as a systemic consultant (SG/DGSF).